The Search is OVER!

Oh, the little things in life that bring you joy, like a used recliner in good shape, looking perfect in our little living room, adding a much-needed comfy seat so we don’t have to share the tiny sofa!  The search has continued for at least two months with the most recent possibility snatched from under our feet by someone with a truck and money.  We had money, no truck.

But TODAY…not only did we like this $30 recliner, but found out it could be pulled apart and actually fit into our 4 door sedan and trunk!  Why, we even had room for groceries!

I’m one of those who has no problem asking God for the little things.  The solution appeared, really, at just the right time, less than a week after getting back from our month-long trip. But tonight, no one can sit in the recliner as I rubbed over it at least 5 times with upholstery cleaner on a damp cloth.  But tomorrow, oh, joy!

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