With great trepidation, I write this blog. Can I publish it the way I want to or will it just show up like it usually does where the reader cannot even finish the entire post because it doesn’t show up. That being said, I’d better add a photo as that seems to add to the issue. 


Darn, can’t even find how to center a photo using this WP iPad app! None of the little gadgets below allow me to do so. But no matter. The photo takes up the entire page!

All right. Taking the plunge to publish. No, there are no little gadgets below to click on F for Facebook. It will just automatically post there and probably this part of the blog will not show up. 

7 thoughts on “Tech-Impaired

  1. Regina Martins

    I’m reading this post on the WP iphone app. It’s great for reading and replying to comments but to post, oh that’s another story. The WP ipad app doesn’t fare any better. It’s the app definitely. Not you or me 😄

    1. thiedeann Post author

      Thanks so much, Regina. Hope they iron out the app bugs because I prefer it to my old PC. Feeling better knowing it’s not just my weirdness! I’m blessed to have you as my Friend!


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